Cactus McCoy 2

Use the arrows to move and crouch, A to jump. . Press Down + A to drop down, S to attack, Down to open and pick up, D to drop items.. Hold the Up arrow or S to throw or shoot.

About Cactus McCoy 2

Cactus McCoy 2

Cactus McCoy 2 Category: Action Description:

Help the hero in this awesome Cactus McCoy 2 free online game reach the Ruins of Calavera to hunt the real treasure and save his friend. So, you will have to complete all areas without fail first. While moving in Cactus McCoy 2 Adventure, you will have the opportunity to learn necessary controls. Try to master them to destroy the enemy and survive! Besides, you should pick up guns, items and coins. Let’s play and conquer every challenge right now! Good luck!

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