Cactus McCoy

Use the arrows to move and crouch, A to jump. . Press Down + A keys to drop down, S to attack, Down to open and pick up, D to drop items.. Hold the Up arrow or S to throw or shoot.

About Cactus McCoy

Cactus McCoy

Cactus McCoy Category: Adventure Description:

To lift the curse for the hero in Cactus McCoy free online game, you need to overcome every challenge to reach the jewel’s proper home as fast as possible. If not, your character will be turned into stone. You will start your Cactus McCoy Adventure at a canyon. In which you need to train first. While moving, you will have to beat the enemy force, collect treasure, pick up useful items. Also, use them to complete your target. Let’s start and see if you will win! Good luck!

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