Visit and you can play tons of awesome online game for free. With the simple privacy that we will display below, you can enjoy your game without worrying about any violation. Not only that, our privacy can protect the user’s personal information once you access this website. Thus, we advise you to research the privacy policy which is set by admins of

Before you register a new account and become a member, you are recommended to read the privacy policy carefully so that you can use our services effectively. The information of you will be gathered and kept safe at Aside from that, you should explore terms of use to avoid every infringement.

In case you disagree with any term of use or rule, you can’t accept to use the services here. It means that the own account will stop working and you are not the official member anymore.

If you have any request, please move to “Contact” section and send the question to us. Your requirement will be answered clearly.  

Collecting and Handling Information

Registering an account

To become an official member of, you need to register an account. So, you will have to complete the “Required Sections” related to the personal information like the full name, birth date, email address, nickname as well as a password. Other members can’t see them except the nickname and the full name. If you’d like to show all, you will go to the account and adjust what you want there.

Before registering an account

Log Files

Log files are most used on It is a helpful tool which can store the info collected at several browsers that you are utilizing on the server. Log files include the basic news such as types of browsers, ID address, ISP (Internet provider), and others. With the log files, the webmasters can analyze, run the website, survey the info, track users, pick up demographic data, etc. Besides, they can fix many technological issues and defend your info when they are connected with your personal information.


The Cookies is a small file that is stored on the user’s PC. It is a useful tool to run a website. Especially, it can remember all of your private information. You can visit easily without inputting the own email and password when using Cookies.

If you don’t want Cookies to memorize your info, you can block or remove it. Move to Setting, choose Help, and follow guides there to accomplish this.

Of course, you will take a bit of time to log in the website after deleting it.

Private Information

Users can save the favorite Kiz7 games or games that you have played. will not show your info if we don't have your permission.

Getting involved in the surveys in terms of the quality of services

There are many surveys on to know if we accomplished our role or not. Also, we can receive reviews or requests from users. They focus on the service quality and offer for users with ads provided by the third parties. So, you will be supposed to supply your personal information like email, full name if you want to start those surveys.

We commit to keeping your personal info away from missing or being intruded when you engage surveys.

Sharing Personal Information


You can only share your personal info with others if they have your permission and confirmation.

Advertisement service of the third parties

You can see several ads from the third parties. If you love, you can click on them to view more. But you should remember that the privacy policy of the advertisement websites will not be controlled by Hence, you have to read their privacy cautiously before displaying any info of you to them.

Advertising parent of the third parties

You can be attracted by ads on when you visiting us. And Cookies can store and memorize those ads so that the ad network can know the user's PCs during the time they send their ads. With this way, the ad network can translate, find out the info in terms of geography, other individuals when you allow them to use or enter your computer. Aside from that, the ad network can send ads with their content, new services to you. And will not take control any info that they have gained.

Contact information from

After the registration is successful, you will often get the notification involving with your account via the email address such as password recovery notification, email confirmation, introducing new games, so on. You can adjust the option to receive information or prevent it.

Re-establish privacy policy

The privacy policy sometimes is updated by And so, members will be granted these changes through the email. Or you can check it on the website. They are valid within 30 days from the policy reform date. You should open to get new information and other updates.

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