Kiz7.com is the home of best games for kids and adults to play online for free. We will give some essential terms for you when you access this place. They are the basic rules and regulations that you are recommended to follow once you use the services here.

When these rules are uploaded, you should know that they will be accomplished and valid. Remember that the third parties can’t make any change on them except Kiz7.com! 

You can contact us to offer questions related to these terms.  

Registering Your Account and Becoming a Membership

Useful features of membership

When you become an official member on Kiz7.com, you are free to play and explore all of Kiz7 games. Not only that, you also receive plenty of benefits with useful features like this:

  • Your total scores are saved in the game that you have played. Next, you can dominate the top position in the list of that game right on the website.
  • You are able to save the favorite Kiz7 games.
  • It’s possible to make friends, chat and share the experience that you collected with them!
  • The own profile picture will be saved.
  • You will have the list of games that you have enjoyed.

Other information involving with the account registration

Before you become a member of Kiz7.com, you have to complete the registration. To create an account, you should show the private info like email address, date of birth, full name, nickname, etc. Make sure they are correct.

We will send any notification on Kiz7.com to your email address directly. There is not any system or application can prevent it. Hence, the accuracy of your personal email is very necessary in this case.

The notifications relating to the content, history, IP address, other saved info are directed to you if we get requests from the government so that you can help we develop the system better. To see more, you can visit the “Privacy Policy”.


The password is a required part when registering an account. You must ensure that your password has the high security. Please send your notification to Kiz7.com immediately if you detect a stranger trying to trespass your email address or even use it.

Notification emails

We will send the notification emails to the user's email to update the change in the terms consisting of the content, new Kiz7 games, versions, and others. If your email doesn’t get anything from us for a long time, it may be blocked. And you need to fix the own account a lot if you’d like.

Regulations in terms of uploading

The uploading content is about the data, images, sounds, videos and much more. You must take responsibility of whatever you upload or created on Kiz7.com because we will not control what you uploaded. To see more what you can’t do on this site, you should read the following list:

  • You can upload the bad content without relating to politics or government.
  • Pass on illegal contents, ill-suited words, or anything involving with dangers, threats, depravity or not abiding things of privacy.
  • You are able to transmit the content about ads, spam, or banned.
  • View and save private info or the privacy of other members.
  • You can transmit what is infected by the virus, damaged or content that can make the computer’s operation feature slowly.

Kiz7 will delete any unsuitable content or lock the account that uploaded it, even remove that account forever.

Connect or Disconnect from Math4K

Kiz7.com is connected to other links of different websites or links that given by third parties. Kiz7 will not take control these websites and the advertising service.


To finish the account registration, you need to contact with the admins. The cancellation will happen within 72 hours after you send the request to us. Next, you will receive a notification in email. If you disagree with regulations and terms, your account will not work. It is unable for to play the game on Kiz7. And you will not be the member anymore.


It's extremely critical to learn about Privacy Policy! All of you should research it to protect your account or personal info and avoid every violation.

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